Sunday, January 29, 2012


They caught me on a moonless night
Bearing a grocery bag
As I walked along the maze of streets
That I had mastered in youthful days.

Safe, secure fantasy quickly vanished as
Frightening figures emerged from shadows.
Clutched from behind
Grasped from up front
Slurs and chants rang all around!

Help was called, he did not answer
Prayers were sent, to never be delivered!
I thought to myself this must be a mistake,
I could not possibly be this “nigger”
This “faggot” they sought so violently.

The minutes left wounds of tormenting years
Reminders of such a terrifying event.
Whelps and stings overwhelmed my body,
Tears and sweat my only comfort.

They snatched no chain
Nor picked any pocket.
The relic they stole was much more valuable.
They quickly disappeared,
Returning to haunted shadows.
Leaving me sprawled in misery,
Thinking, hoping that it couldn’t be
That this nigger, this faggot was me.

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