Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As I Dream

Jumping shadows and shifting visions plague my mind.
I see a glimpse of hope.
Aspirations, goals, and fears! The thoughts I hide from judgmental eyes
Ignored and forgotten.

Why have I shunned my desires?
Leaving them in such dark and dreary corners?
I lift them out dust covered spider webs
Reminded of the luster and brilliance that once was me.
I once was a dreamer.            

I sought blue skies
Sparkling oceans
Big cities
Flashing lights.
They were good dreams, I missed them.

I don’t remember when I misplaced my dreams but now that I’ve found them
I see this new spark of hope that I just want to show the world!
Clasping them tight, like precious jewels I finally awake,
Determined to make dreams of my reality.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Skin Only Gets So Thick

My Muse has been putting in overtime this weekend. I’m going to have to give her a tip. Here I am, yet again, giving my limitless insight into yet another issue among society. As long as there are school children there will be bullying. Let me reiterate, as long as there is ignorance in the world there will be bullies. Bullying stems from individuals who have been taught to ostracize those who are different, an aspect that is learned not inherited. This is learned by youths who parents teach intolerance and understanding instead of love and compassion. It is a vicious cycle that I am ashamed to say made its way into the 21st century.
Moving right along, bullying is nothing new but when you view the alarming rise of suicides among LGBT youths it shines a new light and degree or severity that bullying takes on a person. Hence why I am so concerned at one person’s comment about the subject, “When I was growing up you developed a thick skin and took what life dished out. Somehow we need to pass this on to our youth."
Okay, this bothered me on many and I do MANY different levels. First let me state that when it comes to bullying I am very sensitive because I have firsthand experience with the situation. I was not per say bullied, but I was harassed and teased and the effects are ALL the same. But let’s make this less about me and more about the situation at hand. One can never develop a “tough” enough skin to deal with an onslaught of harassment on a day to day basis for something as simple as how he or she looks.
 What such a comment suggests to me is that harassment is simply a way of life that should be gotten used to. That is a major misconception! No one anywhere, whether they are gay or straight, should ever have to become comfortable with being harassed or tormented by an individual.
Suggesting that individuals develop a “thick skin” and take what life dishes out is a very ignorant statement. In layman terms, such a statement translates to, “learn to deal with the hate and abuse. It is a part of life.” This is certainly not true and I think that anyone that feels this is true has some dark and hidden issues with themselves.
When we examine the alarming rates of teen suicides, especially among homosexual youths, the severity of the issue becomes especially clear. Bullying is a serious issue that has dire consequences. LGBT youths are four times more likely to commit suicide in comparison to their heterosexual counterparts. Being gay and finding the strength to embrace one's sexuality is hard enough to deal with, without the added pressure of being bullied and harassed on a daily basis by peers and sometimes parents.
Instead of prompting youths to “toughen up” we all should embrace our youths and teach them to be comfortable with themselves and others. We should teach them understanding, compassion, tolerance and respect. No matter one's religious background, upbringing, and sexuality, at the end of the day we are ALL humans and the only thing we want is to be loved.