Monday, April 10, 2017

Gotham: Will Bruce Become the 1st Robin

With Gotham scheduled to return from hiatus April 24 fans are left sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the rest of the season. While many arcs come to a close, one in particular feels to finally be picking up the steam it has been longing for.

The season so far has seen Bruce delve further into the investigation of the Court of Owls, while showcasing his somewhat effective training from Alfred. Young Bruce is definitely being mold accordingly. All that was missing was an adversary and code, which were both ushered in by way of Jerome. After an inevitable climax Bruce is left reevaluating his mission and purpose leading Alfred to ask, "But what's all this training for? What are you gonna do with it?" I think we all know the answer.

As the show continues to establish its own Batman mythos, one has to wonder if we will see young Bruce take up the cape. All evidence seems to point to the likelihood of a young masked vigilante taking to the streets of Gotham very soon. While he may not technically assume the mantle of Robin, or take a name at all, Bruce as the first teenage masked vigilante fits perfectly with why Batman himself would be comfortable utilizing adolescent partners.

Only time will tell if young Bruce will transition into a vigilante by night. Gotham returns April 24, until then obsess over the spring promo below.

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