Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Best First

Running has never been a particular past time of mine, and to be honest I can’t understand why anyone would do it leisurely; after all, that’s what we have cars for. But today I ran like I was the first kill of a horror movie. I don’t even know how many blocks I covered, I just know that my chest was burning and I was developing an excruciating pain in my left leg. But I didn’t care!!!! I was on a mission.
Finally my front yard! I jumped over the hedges, burst through the door! “Hey, mom!” My blurry image shouted zooming down the hallway, barely missing running into my sister. Sharp left and finally I was in my room!! I grabbed my phone, dialing one of the only numbers I knew by heart. First ring. Second ring. Third ring. “Ugh come on!” I shouted impatiently. Finally another voice.
“Hello?” My best friend’s voice gurgled, the way it did when he had just woken up.
“Get up! I have a major announcement!” I huffed in between deep breaths.
“What…who is this?”
“The last person you’ll ever speak to if you don’t get up!” I shouted.
“Oh,” he grunted. “Why do you sound like that?”
“I’ve…been…running,” I said trying to gain my composure. I was finally beginning to breathe in normal smooth patterns. “You will never believe what happened.”
“More unbelievable than the act of you running?”
“Even bigger!” I gloated.
“Well don’t just breathe in my ear. Tell me what happened.”
“So you know Glen and I have been flirting with each other for some time now. Well, today it just so happened that I was in the right place at the right time. I had to stay after school to help Mrs. Miller set up her classroom when she asked me to go to Ms. Daily’s classroom to borrow some tape.”
“Wow, that’s interesting.” My smartass friend groaned.
“I’m not done yet, be patient.” I snarled. “So anyway I go to get the damn tape and turns out Daily is monitoring after school detention. The usual people were in there, burnouts, bullies, drama queens but to my surprise so was Glen.  I was so hurt! How could someone who always made it to class on time, while never ever getting into trouble, let alone hand in a homework assignment late land in detention. I wanted to demand answers.
Our eyes looked instantly! Transfixed by those beautiful red lips and the gorgeous smooth pecan complexion I wanted to jump his bones right there and then!! Ugh! Our staring contest didn’t last long, though, interrupted by rude ass Daily. I got the tape and left, but something inside me just told me to linger around that hallway.”
My friend laughed. “Oh my gosh, you are such a little stalker. Please continue.”
“So it took about two minutes of walking up and down the hallway and continually stopping at the water fountain before finally Glen exited the classroom. My patience finally paid off but of course, I had to act natural. I couldn’t just spaz out right there and then, even though I wanted to. Of course, I made sure not to acknowledge him first as he found me hovering over the water fountain right down from the classroom.
He made simple conversation like he normally does talking about who only God knows. I tend to zone out when he smiles. But anyway I finally had my chance to ask him why he was in detention and do you know why? Liberty got caught copying off his paper and the teacher claimed that he was letting her do it. So not only did he get detention but he has to retake the test tomorrow after school.
I expressed how unfair that was as everyone knows that Glen doesn’t cheat or help anyone else cheats. But I guess that’s life right, sometimes the innocent has to suffer along with the guilty. Anyway, we talked some more when the most interesting thing happened. He asked me ‘if I wanted to see something cool?’
I laughed at first, but the look in his eye expressed his seriousness. Those big bulging eyes that normally were accompanying laughter had transformed into sensual inviting eyes. How could I resist him! I, of course, said yes. He led the way and I followed.”
“Where’d you go?” A voice of intrigue asked.
“We went to the locker room! Each step I took resonated with my heart beat, sounding louder and louder the closer we got. Of course, since it was after 5 the school was practically scarce. Walking into the locker room was a little eerie! It was dark and cold, seeming like a completely different place. Instead of shouts and laughs, I heard creaks and echoes of dripping faucets.
‘you scared?’ he asked me as he led the way. I wanted to say yeah but, of course, my cool fa├žade wouldn’t allow me to do that.  I told him no I don’t scare easily which made him laugh in the cutest laugh you could ever hear!
Once he turned around we found ourselves standing face to face, eyes conjoined exploring the crevices of each other’s mind! He stepped forward even closer, our chests an inch from touching.
“How about now?” He asked breaking the occurring silence.
I asked what it was he had to show me which prompted him to reveal a glittering smile. “Well, it’s more of something I have to give you!”
“Oh and then what!!!!!” A scream sounded in my ear.
“Then we kissed. Deep passionate tongue twisting, muscle pulsing, eye bulging kissing. It was pure ecstasy!”
“I don’t believe it,”
I revealed in the thoughts of his smooth touch and the warmth of his lips. It was the excitement the proceeded being shocked by a jolt of electricity. Frightening at first but exhilarating at the same time! Breathing heavily and laughing giddily!
“Well,” My audience chimed in. “What does this mean?”
Then realization set in. With this realization, came fear. Fear of not knowing what was to come in the future.
“Well my friend, that is a conversation for another time.”