Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Miss Promiscuous

I know you probably awoke expecting breakfast in bed,
But let me tell you, honey you got the wrong one for that!
You see, as amazing and passionate a night we had, it was just that,
A night. Nothing more, nothing less.
So could you do me a favor and start getting dressed.

These eyes that you found to be so captivating
Don’t seem to shine so bright anymore.
Mesmerizing reassurance replaced with brown deceiving balls
To let you know this is no joke.
And those sweet words, whispered so softly on vulnerable ears,
Arrows delicately sharpened, essential tools for any hunter.

You see this emotion you call love, is just a game to me.
I don’t mean to be cruel, but this drug called lust
Has quite a powerful pull.
And I know you thought what you found was love
But honestly that’s what happens when you choose to get your heart involved.

Well time is wasting and I see you’re fully dressed
So I’ll send you off with a hug and a kiss.

A lesson learned from miss promiscuous.