Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Ode To Halloween

I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I found death.
It was a dark and stormy night, but all I saw were starry skies with lights radiating so brightly, the way they do when eyeballs are replaced with hearts. He led and I followed. On a night so hollow with howling winds, all I knew was his a dark, looming figure. Mysterious and quiet there was something so alluring about this man, that I couldn’t resist. Dressed in all black with deep lonely eyes he spoke sweet, elegant words that left me wooed and hypnotized, a slave to his every command.
I found myself at a place he called home though it looked as if no one would ever inhabit such a site. The porch rasped as I crept across, alerting me of a surface rarely used. The door hung to one hinge, falling off as we entered, stepping inside to dust and spider web covered paintings and furniture. My caution evaporated with the slight touch of his hand and lips that whispered, “follow me.”
Engulfed by silence, hearts, and starry skies were replaced by a void of darkness. The sound of circling footsteps reminded me I was not alone and was followed by the sting of icy breath, brushing against the back of my neck. My heart rate quickened and pounded loudly, echoing and resonating throughout the room. Cold smooth hands traced my veins to the top of my arms and then gripped my shoulders.
Fear never came. Instead, I was anxious, eager for what would come next. With my shoulders tightly gripped, his voice finally shattered the silence.
“Are you scared?”
I wasn’t.
“Do you trust me?”
I did.
I leaned back, prepared for the warm embrace of the long awaited kiss that never came. Instead, I received a pinch so deplorable and painful! Dreadful and curse marked teeth pierced my skin giving an otherworldly sensation. Hot blood spewed out, trailing down my body, as I struggled to get away from this lover.
Grip tightened.
Pinch worsened.
Blood flow quickened.
It didn’t take long before I was left a corpse slain across the floor, a broken, battered sight. There was a strike of lightning, illuminating the room revealing his blood smeared face. This man, so inviting and trusting, turned out to be so frightening and deceiving. I saw no hearts, no brilliant skies, just a dark and dangerous figure with lonely eyes.
No answer came, no apology, no goodbye. He left me broken hearted, with my love on his lips along with any glimpse of bright and sunny days.
I found death on a dark and stormy night, wrapped in bitter and lonely eyes. Now I spend my nights searching for someone who sees star lit skies through heart shaped eyes. A glimmering reflection of what I used to be.